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Granite Worktops/Countertops

Granite is classified as an igneous rock. Millions of years ago granite formed underneath the earth by cooling and crystallisation of lava.

Granite predominantly consists of the following minerals.

* Quartz
* Mica
* Feldspar
* Plagioclase

The proportion and type of each mineral give Granite unique appearance. Different conditions and mineral ingredients at each quarry site means that each is produce individual patterned and colours of stone.

From the place of quarry this granite is pieced in to slices. These sliced pieces are the polished on one side and then supply for distribution. Tha huge pieces are used for kitchens, floors and bathrooms while smaller pieces for tiles, monuments and custom carving. The granite is easy to maintain. Its sparkling beauty lies in the crystals of quartz, mica and feldspar trapped within. Multi- colour granite has veins and varies from piece to piece which add character. It is porous and treated with a penetrating sealer to prevent stain.

Granite is offers beauty, easy care and durability. Granite is hardest stone after the diamond, with very dense grains, making it impervious to stain.

Granite is often found in upscale and sophisticated residences, palaces and hotels throughout the world due to its texture and lustre. Natural stone provides the look and feel of elegance through a quality and strength that will never be reached by other materials.

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